Why use Fwd Design for your website?

Why do you need a website?

  1. The Internet is the fastest growing advertising media in the history of the world.
  2. It costs less to put up a website that can be seen by millions of people, have far more information and be updated regularly than it does by putting a half page advertisement in the local yellow pages.
  3. A website can answer all of your customer's most frequently asked questions, 24 hours a day, every day, freeing your staff to develop new business. What's more, you can supplement the information you give to your customers with detailed pictures or graphs to enhance their experience.

Why use Fwd Design for your website?

  1. Anyone can build a website but if you want a website that is easy to use, has good cross-browser compatibility and looks good then it takes a lot of experience.
  2. We have over 3 years of website design and internet experience.
  3. Get a professional design, targeted to your specific audience using up to date technologies.
  4. How a website appears is only part of a good site. It's no good having a great site if people cannot find it. It needs to have a high position on the search engines. We have an excellent understanding of how search engines work and the best way to get a high ranking.
  5. We test all our sites on as many browsers, screen resolutions and platforms as we can in order to ensure that the highest number of people possible can view the site the way they are supposed to.
  6. We offer high quality websites at very competitive prices.
Experience with designing a particular kind of site can be helpful when building a new website using the same or similar principles. This experience can help both the designer and the client to avoid potential pitfalls. Our experience includes web sites for the following :

» Building Trade

» Car Retail / Motor Trade

» Charities

» Chatrooms

» Dating

» E-Commerce

» Electronics Retail and Manufacture

» Event / Exhibition Management

» Financial Services

» Fulfilment

» Health, Beauty and Fitness

» Information Archive and Retrieval

» Image Galleries

» Mortgage Brokerage

» News

» Property Developers

» Public Sector

» Stock Control and Management

» Travel Agency

» Swoopo Clone