Internet Marketing

Generate more business for your company

People already know that their website is their biggest customer facing brand element. It speaks to more people than your company brochure or sales team ever could. They also know they have the options to trade online, generate leads, communicate and educate staff, and to use their website as a business tool. But again, very few have seen the whole strategy come together successfully.

Marketing your website is as important as your website design. To ensure your site achieves its maximum potential we'll help you understand internet marketing and why it’s so important.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Google Ready

Our websites are built with search engines (especially GOOGLE) in mind, providing the correct structure and tools for the search engines to read your website perfectly, giving you a boost on your competitors.
Search Engine Optimisation

In addition, we can undertake a Search Engine Optimisation campaign to get your website to the top of the search engines for your chosen keywords. We do everything for you, including help identifying the most relevent keywords, analyising your competition, improve your own website both in terms of search engine visibility and visitor value

Our focus on SEO is to help make your website worthy of achieving a first page position, this maybe by adding extra functionality to your website, helping the search engines understand what your website is about and improving the popularity of your website

Pay Per Click (PPC) - get Instant results

Instantly get to the front of the search engines by placing sponsored adverts at the top and side of the usual search results. Our consultation demystifies how this is done and we can set up and run the Pay Per Click campaign for you.

Email Broadcasting - stay in touch

Keeping in touch with your customers ensures you get maximum ROI and online profitability. We’ve included the tools for you to quickly and easily set up email lists, gather new ones directly from your website and send out mailings as often as you like. Complete with statistics and re-send options, you can even create a whole bunch of marketing emails and set them to go out on specific dates!
Totally self-manage every campaign or ask for details about how we can run the campaigns for you.

Banner Advertising - increase your sales avenues

If both your website and another website share the same target audience and client’ groups then banner advertising can yield positive results. A graphically designed advert is placed on the site and when the advert is clicked on, it will take you directly to the product or service in question. A banner advert feature enables you to either sell adverts or swap advert space with other websites.