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E-Commerce ~ Online Shopping Systems ~ Our scaleable e-commerce websites and web based products provide effective solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

It doesn't matter if you are a small business selling niche products, or a high street retailer/wholesaler looking to broaden the sales of your products and services worldwide, we have a range of solutions to suit your specific needs.

Web Technologies

We have extensive experience in developing e-commerce shopping websites offering real time processing for a variety of uses. We can work with most technologies including PHP, ASP .NET, ASP, XML, JSP, JavaScript, Coldfusion along with databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Access to help you achieve your goals.

Dynamic pages can offer improved functionality and the following advantages:

  • Ability to update your website content without any technical knowledge
  • Intuitive content management system
  • Upload your own images
  • Ability to Edit the text on the pages
  • Complete information control for your products and services

A database website can be built in such a way that the content of designated areas can be updated by the use of a browser based administration page, remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection, by someone with no training at all.

Database Integration

It is quite commonplace to find web sites that rely on a behind the scenes SQL database to handle content and user data. Using well established and stable technologies such as PHP and MySQL we can create and integrate a bespoke database seamlessly with your site. We are able to provide database interfaces for both the user and the administrator, so you will be able, to view, add, edit or delete data directly from your web browser.

We are ready to assist you

Every ecommerce solution goes through our exclusive time-tested Service Technology and Development Process which ensures there will be no "unpleasant surprises" at the end of the developmental cycle, and which give our customers full control over their project. In fact, every stage of a project has material results the customer can see and review.

We are ready to assist you. Just contact us with the description of the e-commerce solution you are looking for and we'll provide you with an evaluation and estimate on the same day.

Don't allow yourself to be confused with all the jargon out there, such as IIS, Apache, ASP, SQL, Java, CGI, PHP, Perl, VB, SSL, and HTTPS. Instead, discover how easy, flexible and affordable your e-commerce can be. Whether it is a complicated on-line system or a simple ecommerce development issue, we are here to help you anytime, every time!